Solar Power in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas & Solar Power are the Perfect Fit

Solar is Energy for the future and the Future is Here

By Windermere Los Cabos

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Perfect weather, amazing tans, crazy long days, 360-days of sunshine, close to no rain, open sunroofs, sky-lights, perfect outdoor living, and of course solar power. Yes, our outstanding Cabo San Lucas sun is not just out to please you, but it can also impact your monthly energy power bill!

If your electric bill makes you cringe every couple of months then you truly need to continue reading. We can almost say that your Cabo dream home comes with an electric car, a pool with multiple pumps and electric filters, an amazing AC system, a large laundry room, as well as every appliance, every electric gadget that life has to offer and it all runs on electric power. Right? Well going green and installing solar at home will also help you keep´em greens in your pocket.

In recent times and over the past few years solar has become a more desirable asset for homes all over Los Cabos.

If you´re familiar with solar you simply know that having solar power in your Cabo San Lucas dream home is a no-brainer; however, if you´re new to solar power then you must wonder how much you will really save. Our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts will provide you with relevant information such as upfront costs and will give you a theoretical prediction of how much you can save on energy costs per year. We say that it´s a theoretical prediction as the true cost will depend on how much electricity your property currently consumes and this may vary on tiered pricing as well as different times of the year due to seasonal demand fluctuations. In simple words, the seasons with higher electrical rates make solar power more valuable. 

For your convenience, we´ve created the Windermere Los Cabos Solar Power Guide. Please read it carefully as it takes you by the hand to learn about solar power and how you can benefit from it.

Windermere Los Cabos Solar Power Guide

Is solar power readily available in Los Cabos?

Yes, it is! Simply contact a Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar expert who will gladly assist you.


What can you plug into solar power?

Everything and anything really. Cars, pumps, generators, fridges, stoves, water heaters, heat pumps, washers, dryers, AC systems…the list is endless.

Are you selling your property?

Moving onto solar from regular electric means that you will not only have a reduced or no electric bill but that you will also lower your carbon footprint and potentially increase your property value.

How would you like buyers to know how many thousands of dollars your solar system will save them on a yearly basis? Listings that read “The electric bill for this property is only $15 Dollars per month, instead of thousands of dollars per year have a higher chance of selling faster than a home without solar power. 


Can you sell your property for more if you have solar

Yes! You will see a lot of the cost of a current solar system being recouped by an increased value of the home. 


Are you buying a home with solar?

If so, you will certainly need to hire a property inspector and a solar expert. A regular inspector´s expertise doesn’t usually cover solar; however, a Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar expert can assist you, so give us a call and they will gladly help.


Do you need solar power for Commercial Use?

If you not only live in Cabo San Lucas but also own a commercial business, then you may truly want to look into solar power. How would you like to run your company's equipment, appliances, ACs, and lights on solar and save thousands of dollars per year? Contact our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts and inquire what solar can do for your business. Solar can power businesses, schools, conservation parks, farms, supermarkets, retirement homes, nonprofits, and more.


Are you still not convinced that solar power is right for you? 


Then consider this:

  • You will always have energy security no matter what as Cabo San Lucas offers reliable and consistent sunlight most of the year
  • With solar energy, you can become energy independent and never deal with rate hikes
  • Solar panels make your home more energy-efficient as the sun is absorbed by the panels and not your roof. Your roof will also have a larger lifespan as the panels protect it from daily weather
  • You will have durable, highly efficient, and cutting-edge technology for your home as well as high energy efficiency
  • Last but not least with solar power you will stop relying on fossil fuels and use clean and healthy energy. You will be proud to know that you´re a solution against pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

So what happens when the sun is down or on overcast days?

In Los Cabos, you mostly find that Grid-connected systems are the most common. A grid-connected system allows you to power your home with renewable energy when the sun is shining. When the sun is unavailable, electricity from the grid supplies your needs.

In remote areas of Southern Baja stand-alone off-grid systems which aren´t connected to the grid in any way are basically your only option. 


How about Maintenance?

Solar panels don’t require much maintenance, aside from occasional cleaning and it should be done on an as-needed basis.


Do you want to Buy or Sell your Cabo Property and it Doesnt have Solar?

No worries! Our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts can provide you with an estimate and ease you into the world of clean energy.


Do you Rent your Cabo Property

How would you like your renters to run the AC all throughout their stay without eating into your rental revenue? Yes, solar power can make this happen for you. Contact our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts today!

Can Real Estate Developers Profit from the sun?

With market demand focusing more than ever on “green” features, brokers, property managers, investors, architects, and developers can benefit from sustainable real estate business models. For your financial future and the future of our planet contact, a vetted Windermere Los Cabos solar power provider.

Certainly, net-zero energy buildings, or buildings that produce all of their own energy, are a popular pursuit in the green buildings market, but there´s also a place for buildings that only meet part of their energy needs with solar power systems. More and more Real Estate Developers are exploring cost recovery models for their new builds, so in the near future, we expect to see more developers responding to their buyer’s and renters' wishes for greener properties.

In conclusion, we can say that trapping solar energy is cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Solar is the fastest-growing form of renewable energy, and Real Estate plays a significant part in that growth story.  The conclusion is clear – solar is here to stay!

Cabo Properties

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

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