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Cabo - nicest four-letter word

Cabo. It’s the world’s nicest four-letter word, evocative of swaying palms and glorious stretches of golden sand, of leaping marlin and breaching whales, of fish tacos and endless fiestas.

It is, in many ways, a picture postcard come to life, a dream destination, a paradise.

The beaches are beautiful beyond words, thanks to a tropical climate that brings some 350 days of sunshine each year, and an absolutely unbeatable location. Los Cabos – the municipality which includes cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo – is set on the southernmost rim of the nearly 800-mile-long Baja California peninsula, framed majestically by towering interior mountains, sculpted desert, and the meeting place of two magnificent bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, which come together just beyond the breathtaking granite monuments at Land’s End.

This astonishing geographical confluence has created a modern land of plenty, a sun-kissed nirvana boasting perfect conditions for virtually every outdoor activity imaginable. Los Cabos, or The Capes, or more simply yet Cabo is famed around the globe for its phenomenal big-game sportfishing, its seasonal whale watching and year-round surfing, its incredible snorkeling and diving at a diverse array of undersea sites, from shipwrecks and secluded coves to the living coral reef at Cabo Pulmo.

The possibilities for water-based adventure here are nearly limitless, as are opportunities to seek out and discover new perspectives on land.

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Cabo San Lucas is Legendary

Legendary movie stars like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen once braved rough and rugged conditions to compete in the peninsula’s iconic off-road race, the Baja 1000. Today, dune buggy and jeep tours regularly take intrepid travelers deep into the hidden heart of what, until recently, has been Mexico’s most lightly populated state. Camping and climbing, too, offer heart-racing ascents, stunning vistas, and up-close looks at the region’s unique flora and fauna.

For decades, snowbirds and those seeking an “endless summer” have been flocking to Los Cabos to indulge in these and other pleasures; their numbers, their frequency and their migratory range growing steadily year after year. As the tourism numbers have continued to increase, so too have the big-name resorts and five-star amenities.

Some of the world’s top culinary names, for example, now have restaurants in Los Cabos, including Richard Sandoval, Enrique Olvera, Nobu Matsuhisa and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Los Cabos now dominates annual rankings of the best spas in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the best golf courses. Major champions Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Fred Couples and Tiger Woods are among the high-profile golfers who have designed layouts in Los Cabos, and three of the region’s 15 currently operating courses are ranked among the 100 best in the world.

Living in Cabo San Lucas

Not surprisingly, this litany of lifestyle charms has led many to follow a corresponding line of questions, beginning with: Why don’t more don’t more people move here? Why don’t I move here?

Why not relocate to Cabo San Lucas or neighboring coastal communities in Los Cabos?

The short answer is that many already have. Los Cabos is home to an estimated 15,000 residents from the U.S. and Canada, who have chosen to live in paradise either full or part-time because of its stunning natural beauty and abundant lifestyle perks; which, amazingly enough, also come with a lower cost of living and, in many instances, lower real estate prices.

Simply put, this dream destination can very easily become a reality, and there has never been a better time to buy property in Los Cabos than right now.

That may sound like a marketing slogan, but it’s absolutely true.

Since 2014, Los Cabos has been in the midst of an unprecedented building boom, with a host of fabulous new resorts and real estate developments underway or already completed in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, and along the 20-mile coastal corridor which connects them. Even the municipality’s hitherto sparsely populated East Cape, 70-miles of gorgeous coastline stretching northeast from San José del Cabo to the Bay of Palms, has become a focus of development, with a new Four Seasons resort and other picturesque ocean view properties nearing completion.

There’s a remarkable selection of beautiful new homes and villas available, and they’re available at a wide variety of price points, and at a wide variety of scenic locations around the coastal rim of Los Cabos….including in some spectacular never before developed areas.

Relocating to Cabo San Lucas

Of course, deciding to relocate is never an easy decision, and many more questions have to be answered – to the satisfaction of everyone involved – before the dream can start to become a reality. Are the people friendly? Is it a good place to raise a family? What are the challenges and impediments? Do I need to know Spanish or become a legal resident?

The answers to all of these questions, by the way, are reassuringly positive.

The people of Los Cabos, like the vast majority of people across México, are warm, friendly and industrious. Los Cabos is in fact a melting pot hat has attracted ambitious workers from all over the country. Yes, Spanish is the official language, but because so many people work in the tourism sector, English is commonly spoken. It’s not difficult to communicate, nor is it difficult to hire support staff.

The transition to life here is, in fact, invariably smooth. That doesn’t mean relocation isn’t a great opportunity to learn another language and culture, and indeed the area’s excellent bilingual private schools are one of many reasons – beyond an active lifestyle – that Los Cabos is an excellent option for families raising children.

It also remains quite easy for newcomers to become temporary or permanent residents of México…or even to acquire dual citizenship. There are local agencies that specialize in this sort of paperwork, just there are companies that specialize, for example, in moving household goods and furniture from the U.S. to Los Cabos.

Because people have been making the decision to relocate for decades now, an infrastructure has developed over time to facilitate the process and alleviate the traditional difficulties. The impediments are very slight and easily overcome.

Of course, life is never very complicated in paradise. That’s one of the reasons it’s paradise...

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