Los Cabos

Los Cabos AMPI Los Cabos Windermere Los Cabos Joins AMPI Windermere Los Cabos joins AMPI Los Cabos to better serve the buyer searching for their dream home in Cabo San Lucas!   About AMPI Los Cabos: AMPI Los Cabos is one of the 86 sections that make up the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals nationwide. Being 23 years old […]
Los Cabos Oceanfront Living in Elías Calles A Name and a Place You Should Know – The Underrated Value of Oceanfront Living in Elías Calles   The late Plutarco Elías Calles is now known primarily for two things: one of which is mostly negative, the other overwhelmingly positive. He was President during one of the most tumultuous periods in modern Mexican history–just […]
Living in Cabo San Lucas Property Taxes in Los Cabos Property Taxes in Los Cabos Are Lower Than You Think (And Easier to Pay!) It’s no secret that Los Cabos is home to some of the most spectacular real estate on earth, from sprawling hacienda style properties overlooking the ocean to gorgeous beachfront condos and breathtaking hilltop luxury villas. Discerning travelers and those interested in […]
Los Cabos A Year in Los Cabos When finding your dream home in Los Cabos, Mexico, it’s good to know, what to expect when moving to paradise. It’s a vibrant place attracting people from all over the world. Throughout the year, there are events, celebrations, and occasions catering both to visitors and locals alike. The weather never really goes too bad, however, certain […]
Los Cabos 10 Questions You Should Always Ask When Buying a Property in Los Cabos Real estate remains to be one of the most influential investments in many parts of the world. One such part is Los Cabos, where you can always find a property to suit your needs. Owning properties in this part of Mexico is a dream for many people looking to invest in destination living in a […]
Los Cabos 5 Benefits of Living Near the Sea If you ask someone, what their ideal holiday looks like the majority would say – somewhere by the sea. People love water and many dream of a beach wedding or even buying a house near the sea someday. Looking at all the benefits that life by the sea can offer, it’s no wonder why so […]
Los Cabos 10 Fun Activities To Do In Los Cabos You’d be surprised, but Los Cabos does have it all. The perfect “home away from home”. Everything from bright blue sea to beautiful sandy beaches to perfect sunsets over desert views. Relaxing in a quiet and romantic spot can be easily mixed up with outdoor adventures and exploring the vast sea life. Whether going with […]
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