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Use your RRSP funds to purchase in Los Cabos!

Seaport Credit, based in Toronto Canada, has exclusively partnered with Windermere Los Cabos in order to provide Canadians access to their RRSP funds in order to purchase a vacation home in Los Cabos area...

This program allows Canadians to use their funds from their RRSP to finance their Vacation Membership.  Seaport Credit unique program is modeled after the hugely successful Home Buyers Plan (HBP), allowing clients to utilize funds from inside their RRSP.

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For a long time now, home financing has not been an option for Canadian citizens living in Mexico – either for those seeking to buy property, or for those who already own existing properties.

Lacking this important financial option, Mexico has been an all-cash real estate market for Canadian investors, with all of the complications and disadvantages that entails.

Today this has changed for Canadian buyers! 

By utilizing your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) - a retirement savings and investing vehicle for employees and the self-employed in Canada. Pre-tax money is placed into an RRSP and grows tax-free until withdrawal, at which time it is taxed at the marginal rate.

Qualified Canadians simply transfer their existing RRSP to a new qualified RRSP on a tax-free basis, for the purpose of investing in a Canadian Mutual Fund Trust which is a qualified investment for RRSP’s. The business of the Mutual Fund is to provide consumer loans to creditworthy Canadian borrowers to finance the purchase of Vacation Products.

Windermere Los Cabos

From its humble beginnings in 1972, when it was founded as a single office real estate company, Windermere has grown to become one of the most respected real estate companies in North America, with over 300 offices and 6,000 agents in the U.S. and Mexico.

Windermere’s Los Cabos agents have experience in the local market, in addition to the same focus on core principles that has rocketed the company at large to such rapid growth over the past four decades..

The three bedrock principles are these: hire the right people, give them the best tools, create thriving communities.

We’ve already hired the best people, and Seaport Credit RRSP Access Program for Canadians is the best resource to become available in Los Cabos in a very long time.

In fact, between Seaport Credit experienced staff and RRSP Access Program and Windermere’s team of talented agents–with their exhaustive knowledge of the local market–Canadian buyers have never had better information or more financial flexibility.

Is it any wonder, then, that local communities continue to grow and to prosper?

Seaport Credit


Seaport Credit has been building strong and long-lasting relationships with leading Canadian banks and financial institutions for many years.

With their unique system, Canadians have the assurance of dealing directly with a trusted Canadian financial firm.

Make your vacation dreams come true with the successful RRSP "Vacation Home Buyers Plan" (VBHP).

Unlocking your RRSP and allowing you to access your RRSP funds, giving you complete financial freedom for vacations and future dollars today.

Your retirement fund is fully protected, our qualified team in Canada will guide you every step of the way.

Life is short, enjoy a vacation with creative solutions and Seaport Credit Canada. Certain restrictions and documentation requirements apply...

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