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Cabo San Lucas Realty

A Jewel with Many Facets – Navigating the Captivating Variety of Cabo San Lucas Realty

Buying a home in beautiful Cabo San Lucas–or in the greater Los Cabos municipality–is a dream shared by many people across many demographics. It’s not just older folks at retirement age who are attracted by the warm year-round climate and abundant leisure and lifestyle options. It’s also young people whose online-centered occupations have freed them from ties to a specific U.S. or Canadian city, and opened up the possibility of a beachfront lifestyle filled with sun, surf and an active social life. It’s couples who want their children to have a cosmopolitan and bilingual education. The list goes on and on…And just as the pool of potential buyers is defined by its diversity, so too is local real estate. There is no single “dream home”, but instead there is an almost unlimited variety of residence styles and residential locations. But since “almost unlimited” is a phrase that can be more than a little bit intimidating, we’ve posed a few well-crafted questions, the answers to which will help you–as a potential home buyer who just clicked on a story about Cabo San Lucas realty–define and focus your search parameters.

What Does Paradise Mean to You?


Cabo San Lucas Realty


For a great many people, the word paradise conjures images of golden sun-kissed beaches with gently lapping ocean waves, swaying palm trees, hammocks and year-round sunshine. For others, though, paradise is a place where there are abundant creature comforts and lifestyle upgrades, from great restaurants and happening nightlife to world-class fishing, championship level golf courses and pampering spas. Los Cabos, of course, has all of these things in abundance, but how you prioritize them can and should help to sharpen your focus when it comes to Cabo San Lucas realty. If you are an avid surfer, for instance, you may want to prioritize a beachfront or beach adjacent home near one of the region’s many excellent surf breaks.

There are very good reasons the Los Cabos area attracts over two million visitors annually, and is increasingly attracting seasonal and full-time residents from the U.S. and Canada. But the reasons vary from person to person. What is it you love most about Los Cabos? The answer to that question should play an important role in how you approach buying a dream home.

What Do You Want in a Home?

This question often is influenced greatly by where you are in your life. Are you single in your 20s? Raising a family in your 30s? Ready for or already into your retirement years? All these factors feed into the equation when considering Cabo San Lucas realty. Single home owners may find a two-bedroom ocean view condo in Cabo San Lucas with ocean views suits their needs perfectly, while those with children will want more space, and perhaps a quieter community, one with other children in the same age range as their own. Retirees, meanwhile, often prioritize leisure-time pursuits such as golf, and want extra room for visiting children or grandchildren. Defining your home needs and preferred location is a major step in refining your search for “Cabo San Lucas Realty”.

Cabo San Lucas Realty

What Degree of Luxury Does Your Budget Allow?

This, too, is a question that requires a bit of nuance, because luxury as we define it–as a life lived in great comfort with magnificent surroundings–is found in even the most modest Los Cabos based residences. This is a place, after all, with over 100-miles of coastline framed by two major bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés. It’s also a place where beachfront and ocean view real estate sell for significantly less than similarly spectacular properties in the U.S., feature significantly lower property taxes, and come with a significantly lower cost of living.

Sounds great, right? But what does all this really mean?

What it means is that realty in Cabo San Lucas offers more luxury for lower list prices than almost anywhere else on Earth. The level of luxury you can afford in the U.S. is by no means equivalent to what you can enjoy on the southernmost rim of the Baja California peninsula. It’s the ultimate luxury upgrade. Like everything else, however, there are levels. You can start your transition to Los Cabos with a fractional ownership in a small but scenically blessed condo, or you can purchase a sprawling hilltop luxury villa that commands majestic views of both the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés, and puts you in the midst of movie star neighbors.

Of course, finding a dream home that has everything you want, from the right square footage and acreage and design to the right lifestyle amenities and especially the right price, is going to require help.

The Windermere Los Cabos Advantage

Windermere Los Cabos Real Estate

However you answer the three question above, one thing is certain. Windermere Los Cabos is the ally you want in your search for Cabo San Lucas realty. Windermere is one of the most respected names in North American real estate, with over 300 offices and 6,000 agents in the Western U.S. and México. The company has deep roots in Los Cabos, where its agents have over 100 years of collective experience, as well as an exhaustive knowledge of available local listings and the intricacies and legal requirements of buying and selling property in México. Call us from the U.S. or Canada at 011 52 (624) 228-3509 for more details.  We’ll help you find and buy your dream home in Los Cabos.