Windermere Los Cabos Joins AMPI

Windermere Los Cabos joins AMPI Los Cabos to better serve the buyer searching for their dream home in Cabo San Lucas!


About AMPI Los Cabos:

AMPI Los Cabos is one of the 86 sections that make up the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals nationwide. Being 23 years old since its founding AMPI Los Cabos is committed to providing all of its Associate and Affiliate members with input and updates on the laws, rules and requirements to practice real estate in Los Cabos.

​The organization is also committed to providing multiple avenues for education, including courses for the required certification and licensing.

Finally, AMPI Los Cabos is always working to promote their business here in Los Cabos and in other key markets.


It is a private non-governmental organization that groups professional natural persons who provide real estate services in Mexico under Statutes and a Code of Ethics, for the comprehensive training of its associates, dignifying real estate practices and protecting the right of private property.


To be the representative body of the real estate sector, creating a new real estate culture based on professional improvement through the Federal Certification of Labor Competence in the Marketing of Real Estate for each of its members, achieving the national and international projection of its associates.

Cabo Properties

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Did we mention the region’s remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about AMPI or luxury real estate in Los Cabos - contact us today.

Solar Power in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas & Solar Power are the Perfect Fit

Solar is Energy for the future and the Future is Here

By Windermere Los Cabos

Cabo Properties

Perfect weather, amazing tans, crazy long days, 360-days of sunshine, close to no rain, open sunroofs, sky-lights, perfect outdoor living, and of course solar power. Yes, our outstanding Cabo San Lucas sun is not just out to please you, but it can also impact your monthly energy power bill!

If your electric bill makes you cringe every couple of months then you truly need to continue reading. We can almost say that your Cabo dream home comes with an electric car, a pool with multiple pumps and electric filters, an amazing AC system, a large laundry room, as well as every appliance, every electric gadget that life has to offer and it all runs on electric power. Right? Well going green and installing solar at home will also help you keep´em greens in your pocket.

In recent times and over the past few years solar has become a more desirable asset for homes all over Los Cabos.

If you´re familiar with solar you simply know that having solar power in your Cabo San Lucas dream home is a no-brainer; however, if you´re new to solar power then you must wonder how much you will really save. Our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts will provide you with relevant information such as upfront costs and will give you a theoretical prediction of how much you can save on energy costs per year. We say that it´s a theoretical prediction as the true cost will depend on how much electricity your property currently consumes and this may vary on tiered pricing as well as different times of the year due to seasonal demand fluctuations. In simple words, the seasons with higher electrical rates make solar power more valuable. 

For your convenience, we´ve created the Windermere Los Cabos Solar Power Guide. Please read it carefully as it takes you by the hand to learn about solar power and how you can benefit from it.

Windermere Los Cabos Solar Power Guide

Is solar power readily available in Los Cabos?

Yes, it is! Simply contact a Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar expert who will gladly assist you.


What can you plug into solar power?

Everything and anything really. Cars, pumps, generators, fridges, stoves, water heaters, heat pumps, washers, dryers, AC systems…the list is endless.

Are you selling your property?

Moving onto solar from regular electric means that you will not only have a reduced or no electric bill but that you will also lower your carbon footprint and potentially increase your property value.

How would you like buyers to know how many thousands of dollars your solar system will save them on a yearly basis? Listings that read “The electric bill for this property is only $15 Dollars per month, instead of thousands of dollars per year have a higher chance of selling faster than a home without solar power. 


Can you sell your property for more if you have solar

Yes! You will see a lot of the cost of a current solar system being recouped by an increased value of the home. 


Are you buying a home with solar?

If so, you will certainly need to hire a property inspector and a solar expert. A regular inspector´s expertise doesn’t usually cover solar; however, a Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar expert can assist you, so give us a call and they will gladly help.


Do you need solar power for Commercial Use?

If you not only live in Cabo San Lucas but also own a commercial business, then you may truly want to look into solar power. How would you like to run your company's equipment, appliances, ACs, and lights on solar and save thousands of dollars per year? Contact our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts and inquire what solar can do for your business. Solar can power businesses, schools, conservation parks, farms, supermarkets, retirement homes, nonprofits, and more.


Are you still not convinced that solar power is right for you? 


Then consider this:

  • You will always have energy security no matter what as Cabo San Lucas offers reliable and consistent sunlight most of the year
  • With solar energy, you can become energy independent and never deal with rate hikes
  • Solar panels make your home more energy-efficient as the sun is absorbed by the panels and not your roof. Your roof will also have a larger lifespan as the panels protect it from daily weather
  • You will have durable, highly efficient, and cutting-edge technology for your home as well as high energy efficiency
  • Last but not least with solar power you will stop relying on fossil fuels and use clean and healthy energy. You will be proud to know that you´re a solution against pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

So what happens when the sun is down or on overcast days?

In Los Cabos, you mostly find that Grid-connected systems are the most common. A grid-connected system allows you to power your home with renewable energy when the sun is shining. When the sun is unavailable, electricity from the grid supplies your needs.

In remote areas of Southern Baja stand-alone off-grid systems which aren´t connected to the grid in any way are basically your only option. 


How about Maintenance?

Solar panels don’t require much maintenance, aside from occasional cleaning and it should be done on an as-needed basis.


Do you want to Buy or Sell your Cabo Property and it Doesnt have Solar?

No worries! Our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts can provide you with an estimate and ease you into the world of clean energy.


Do you Rent your Cabo Property

How would you like your renters to run the AC all throughout their stay without eating into your rental revenue? Yes, solar power can make this happen for you. Contact our Windermere Los Cabos vetted solar experts today!

Can Real Estate Developers Profit from the sun?

With market demand focusing more than ever on “green” features, brokers, property managers, investors, architects, and developers can benefit from sustainable real estate business models. For your financial future and the future of our planet contact, a vetted Windermere Los Cabos solar power provider.

Certainly, net-zero energy buildings, or buildings that produce all of their own energy, are a popular pursuit in the green buildings market, but there´s also a place for buildings that only meet part of their energy needs with solar power systems. More and more Real Estate Developers are exploring cost recovery models for their new builds, so in the near future, we expect to see more developers responding to their buyer’s and renters' wishes for greener properties.

In conclusion, we can say that trapping solar energy is cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Solar is the fastest-growing form of renewable energy, and Real Estate plays a significant part in that growth story.  The conclusion is clear – solar is here to stay!

Cabo Properties

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Did we mention the region’s remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about Solar Power in Cabo San Lucas or real estate throughout Los Cabos, please contact us today.

Windermere Los Cabos Capital Gains Tax Guide

Welcome to Windermere Los Cabos Mexican Capital Gains Tax Guide.

We´ve designed this guide for you as we believe that it´s always best to be as educated as possible when it comes to Real Estate so that you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in Mexico.

It´s crucial to point out that there are no shortcuts and no legal ways around taxes in Mexico any more than there are in the United States or Canada and that we always recommend that you seek professional advice from a Windermere vetted Notary Public and or a Tax Accountant to get a detailed appraisal of your situation.

In this article we will only focus on Capital Gains Tax in Cabo San Lucas or ISR, Impuesto Sobre La Renta; however, we like to point out that there are three main costs involved when you’re selling a property in Mexico and they are:

      • Selling fees
      • Professional service fees
      • Tax
Capital Gains Tax in Cabo San Lucas

Taxable Residents

According to the Mexican Tax Code, it´s essential to know if you fall under the category of “Taxable Resident”.

A foreigner is considered a Mexican Tax resident when:

    • You have established a place of residence in Mexico
    • You also own a home in Mexico and in another country and if the center of your vital interests is in Mexico
    • More than 50 percent of your total income is derived from Mexican sources, and your primary professional activities are carried out in Mexico.

Business travelers may avoid being categorized as Taxable Residents unless they have established a home in Mexico and generate most of their income in Mexico.

Capital Gains are Subject to Capital Gains Taxes

In Mexico, any capital gains are subject to capital gains taxes including property.

To begin it´s important for you to understand the following:

    • Currently, the tax rate is 35% for non-Mexican residents
    • 25% on the gross amount of the transaction
    • Or 30% of the total Capital Gain
    • For expatriates, the Capital Gains Tax in Cabo San Lucas will depend on the Tax Cost Basis, the Type of Asset to be Liquidated, the Sales Price, and other factors that may apply
    • For real estate, you will also be required to pay 2%–5% of the total transaction in local taxes.
    • If you are a resident, Capital Gains in Cabo San Lucas apply to worldwide income; otherwise, you will only be taxed on income earned from the property in Mexico.
    • In the event of a significant capital gain, we recommend talking to a re vetted Mexican tax advisor.

It´s Possible to Reduce or Eliminate Capital Gains Tax in Cabo San Lucas

Capital Gain Tax or ISR, Impuesto Sobre La Renta is assessed on the profit gained by selling a property. It´s possible to reduce or eliminate capital gains tax when it comes time to sell your property, please consider the below mentioned:

    • As the property seller, you must hold an RFC, Registro Federal de Contribuyentes which is your Mexican Tax Registration number
    • In Mexico, there are Capital Gain Tax Exemptions and to qualify you must provide proof that the property is your principal residence in Mexico. This exemption applies to both Mexican nationals, as well as to foreigners who have resident status in Mexico. The income tax law does not explicitly state that a foreign property owner must have temporary or permanent residency status to qualify for the capital gain tax exemptions, however, it does state that the seller must be selling their primary residence in order to be eligible for tax exemptions on capital gains.
    • A one-time tax allowance exemption is available and it reduces the tax liability for many family homes, although you and the property must meet certain criteria to qualify for the exemption.
    • If the same property is legally co-titled with your spouse or a family member and they are residents in Mexico with a Mexican tax ID, and the property is their primary residence as well, then you may qualify for an additional deduction in their name. This tax-deductible allowance is not automatic, you must qualify, and you must prove the qualification. We always suggest contacting a Windermere vetted Notary Public, as well as a Tax Accountant about how to arrange this and what you need to do to present the necessary records for proof.
    • The property that you’re selling must be your primary residence in Mexico
    • The land subject to the sale must not exceed three times the size of the construction on that land which will be measured in square meters
    • You can only claim this exemption once every three years
    • Some notaries require you to prove that the property was your primary residence for three years or even five years, but in some cases, they only require you to prove this is your full-time residence
    • Non-residents selling Mexican property are obligated to pay 25% of the Total Gross Income or 35% of the Net Gain Less Allowable Deductibles
    • You must be clear that Capital Gains Taxes paid in Mexico by Canadians and U.S. citizens are not subject to double taxation back home.
    • The 2% Acquisition Tax you paid during purchase may be used as an approved deduction. As soon as you pay your two percent acquisition tax to receive your trust, you are eligible to receive an inflationary credit from the Mexican government for each year you own the property. This credit is added to your cost basis when you decide to sell your property. The credit is based on consumer index adjustments or inflation and can be quite significant. The inflationary Credit is calculated depending on each year of property ownership. In addition, there is a 3% depreciation for the construction and that reduces your tax base. The normal is 20% for the land and 80% for the construction. Land does not depreciate. You are not eligible to receive the inflationary credit unless you have paid your two percent
      acquisition tax.
    • If you made significant improvements to the condition of your property and increased its value, you have decreased the gap between cost and profit. If your expenses exceed 20% of the purchase price, you should request a new assessment by the property tax authority. Registering the increased property value will reduce your capital gains in the future.

Deductions allowed for capital improvements

You can deduct the costs of any capital improvements, for example, if you added building extensions, new flooring, swimming pools, and new rooms while you owned the property, as well as some closing costs commonly incurred when purchasing a home.

All capital improvements must be made by registered building firms or builders who issued legal invoices or facturas for their work. Please note that general maintenance and home improvements, like furniture, remodeled kitchens, or new bathrooms, do not count as capital improvements.

Recording all property renovations and officially registering all official invoices or facturas of funds spent on improving the property is called manifesting your property and can be used as a deduction when the property is sold.

    • If the principal residence was sold at a loss, this amount may be divided by the number of years the home was held, ten years maximum. This loss may be used to offset other taxable income on gains from other property sales, but not used to reduce business or employment income tax.
    • Inherited property is exempt from capital gains tax.
    • You may be exempt if you acquired the property as a donation, please consult a Windermere vetted Tax Attorney for stipulations.

Selling your Mexican Home as a Non-Resident

If you are a Non-Mexican Resident or you don’t have a Mexican tax ID, you cannot claim the one-off allowance exemption, although you can claim qualifying deductions, as long as you have the official receipts or facturas to prove the expenditures which can then be deducted.

Mexican Companies May Acquire Property Without Capital Gain

In Mexico when a company sells its properties, it is taxed based on the overall of its income versus all of its expenses. A Mexican Company may acquire a property and may sell it but if it has losses for other activities then they are offset. Living expenses are not deductible unless they are needed to generate the income. The deductions are done monthly through accounting with expenses against income and then the Mexican Company’s annual tax returns. Depreciation also applies and it´s paramount to understand that setting up a Mexican company is not a way to avoid Capital Gains Taxes in Cabo San Lucas

Be sure to contact your American or Canadian Accountant as Capital gains taxes paid in Mexico can be applied to your U.S. or Canadian taxes as a tax credit.

Capital Gains in Cabo San Lucas are Calculated in Pesos Even if the Property is Marked in Dollars

Even though the home may be marketed in dollars and the transaction amounts may be quoted in dollars, the deed will show the amount in Mexican pesos at the exchange rate prevalent on the date of the closing. Any capital gains are calculated only in Mexican pesos and therefore, shifts in the exchange rate can affect the capital gain calculation as expressed in a foreign currency.

Fideicomisos, Notaries, and Capital Gain Tax

Some Fideicomiso Trusts as well as some Notarios may have a policy that does not accept deductions and automatically charges 25% tax on the full sale price before releasing the title to the new buyer, so it´s always best to inquire about Capital Gain procedures with your Fideicomiso Trust before signing up.

Don´t Fall for Tricky, Old, and Risky Practices

Don´t fall for tricky, old, and risky practices such as sellers recording a lower selling price to save on capital gains in Los Cabos and achieve a lower transfer tax. This will only increase the gap between your purchase price and the selling price. More importantly, agreeing to register a lower value is a violation of Mexico’s anti-money laundering law.

Cabo Properties

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Did we mention Cabo San Lucas remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about luxury real estate throughout Los Cabos or contact us today.

Windermere Los Cabos Welcomes Monica Espinosa Castelan

Windermere Los Cabos retains Monica Espinosa Castelan the Founder of Consulting Law Firm as legal counsel for all Real Estate Law related transactions to better serve the luxury home market throughout Los Cabos!


About Monica Espinosa Castelan:

Monica  received her bachelor's degree, with honors, from Universidad Panamericana in
Mexico, City.

Mrs. Espinosa has been assisting clients in Baja California Sur since 1998. She is an
Official Translator (English-Spanish) for the Honorable Superior Court of Baja California
Sur, with permission SGA-678/2010. She has worked as a real estate and corporate law

Mrs. Espinosa has served as Treasurer of the BCS Section of the Barra Mexican Colegio de
Abogados, AC, since 2020; as a member of the Red Cruz Los Cabos Board of Directors
since 2011, and for the last twelve years as a legal counselor pro bono to a number of other
non-profit organizations in Los Cabos, BCS.

Monica Espinosa Castelan

About Consulting Law Firm:

With more than 20 years of experience in Baja California Sur, Consulting Law Firm is a firm comprised of attorneys with extensive experience who provide clients with appropriate legal support for business decision-making and investment while adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards and recommending proper strategies to help them achieve their objectives.

Because each business requires individual guidance, each client's treatment at Consulting Law Firm is tailored. Customers benefit from the full-time availability of its attorneys at all times, ensuring that their goals are met and long-term partnerships are formed.

Consulting Law Firm aims to give clients legal strategies and the proper legal instruments to successfully create their businesses, protect their assets, and maximize their resources.

Consulting Law Firm has a network of experts that includes prominent authorities on legal matters outside of our areas of competence, such as criminal law and labor law. We have affiliates in several Mexican states.

The services offered by Consulting Law Firm articulate the legal and professional experience of its Founder and Associates in the following legal areas of expertise:


  • Trust and trust property advice for foreign investors, individuals, or corporations as security.
  • Contract drafting: purchase and sale, lease, transfer, exchange, labor, and commercial commission.
  • The establishment of mortgages, liens, and easements. • Condominium regimes, condominium property permits, and condominium regulation development
  • Land use and building licenses, permits, and approvals, as well as a review and audit of the building's legal history
  • Investigation of liens or legal impediments affecting the property at the Public Registry of Property.
Cabo Properties

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Did we mention Cabo San Lucas remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about luxury real estate throughout Los Cabos or contact us today.

Windermere Los Cabos Opens Office in Loreto

Windermere Los Cabos expands and opens a new office in Loreto to better serve the luxury home market throughout Los Cabos and Loreto!


About Loreto:

Loreto (or Conchó) is a resort town located on the Gulf of California in eastern Baja California Sur state, Mexico about a six hour car ride from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

The city is a tourist resort, catering mostly to American travelers, with daily flights from California to Loreto International Airport. Travelers from all over the world have discovered the peaceful escape of Loreto, Mexico. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez, the city’s cobblestone streets are filled with history, and with so many things to do in Loreto.

Loreto, Baja California Sur is one of the newer vacation destinations in Mexico, and while it may not be as famous as other tourist spots, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds while enjoying all the amenities and excitement of the best destination in Mexico. Surrounded by the tranquility of the tropical shores, you’ll feel the ocean breeze wash the stress from your shoulders.

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos and Loreto is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Contact "Windermere Los Cabos" today if you have any questions about real estate in Loreto!

Cabo Properties

Did we mention the region’s remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about luxury real estate in Loreto or contact us today.

Windermere Los Cabos Continues to Grow!

Windermere Los Cabos and Cabo Properties joins forces and aligns to better serve the luxury home market throughout Los Cabos!

Established in 2012, Cabo Properties delivers experience with marketing resources whereas Windermere's technology platform, search features and reach of buyers across the United States proves this to be the perfect real estate partnership.

For a great many years, Los Cabos has also been home to Windermere and this is why Cabo Properties has an exclusive agreement with their real estate division.

The market for luxury homes and condos throughout Los Cabos is strong and surging with attractive real estate opportunities!

Contact "Cabo Properties" today if you have any questions: or (949) 230-3456

Cabo Properties

Did we mention the region’s remarkable real estate track record in terms of return on investment? Well, we’d be happy to tell you all about it. Call us Toll Free today at (800) 712-5460 for more details about Cabo luxury real estate or contact us today.