Los Cabos January 15, 2018

5 Benefits of Living Near the Sea

If you ask someone, what their ideal holiday looks like the majority would say – somewhere by the sea. People love water and many dream of a beach wedding or even buying a house near the sea someday. Looking at all the benefits that life by the sea can offer, it’s no wonder why so many of us crave to spend more time close by the water. Here are five advantages of living in a town like Los Cabos, near the sea.

  1. Health

Life by the sea has many benefits but the most significant that everyone should take into account is how good it is for your health.

Fresh air will certainly do you good and seaside air is especially beneficial. Not only is it free from pollutants common in the city like exhaust fumes and particles. It is less dry and can benefit people, who suffer from respiratory problems like regular coughs and even asthma and allergies.

On top of that, seaside climate also helps improve mental health. Serene views of the deep blue sea and sound of the waves help reduce anxiety and improve your sleep at night.

Regular walks by the water in the warm sunlight also help boost your vitamin D levels, which are essential for overall health.

  1. Fitness

When living in the city, many of us feel like there’s not enough time and opportunity to exercise. It’s one thing to go to the gym several times a week but nothing feels as good as working out in the fresh air.

Living near the sea is the perfect opportunity to get out more. From running to yoga or even a morning or afternoon swim, nothing can beat the feeling after an open-air workout. If you get into the habit of doing it regularly, it can also boost your immune system as your body will adjust to different weather and temperatures.

  1. Family Life

Sometimes juggling all aspects of life can be a challenge. And when things get too much, it might be time for an escape. When living in the city, that escape might mean getting out to the country but that’s not always easy when you have a partner, children, and pets. And then there’s time for friends. How to squeeze it all in?

When you live near the sea, things can be easier. Even just a few hours spent at the beach with the family can make a big difference and allow you to save time and money planning a trip away from home. Invite friends and you can have a picnic on the beach.

  1. Varied Diet and Fresh Seafood

For centuries coastal lifestyle has been associated with plenty of fresh produce and seafood. Not enough people include seafood in their diet and it may be difficult to do so, when living in large urban areas, where prices are higher, things are not as fresh, and the selection is simply more limited. Majority of seafood is an excellent source of nutrients. It’s high in protein, low in fats and cholesterol, and contains much needed omega 3 fatty acids.

  1. Social Life

With so many people heading to the beach from places all around, coastal lifestyle is perfect for meeting new people. Whether it’s enjoying recreational and watersport activities or heading to local cafes, events, or simply going shopping, there are so many opportunities to meet new people and make friends. And your kids will love it too as playing on the beach can be a natural and relaxed way for the young ones to join in activities with other kids.